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Updated May 2023
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米其林飞行员运动4 S夏季轮胎,20英寸
飞行员运动4 S夏季轮胎,20英寸
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Stylish and Sturdy
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Durable and highly responsive to sub-par working conditions. Works well in all seasons and on rougher roads thanks to its combination of materials. Maintains balance at higher speeds.



Best Bang for the Buck
库珀Discoverer Snow Claw Tire, 17
Discoverer Snow Claw Tire, 17"
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These cold weather tires maintain grip on black ice and slippery roads.


Holds up to 2,679 pounds of cargo in the harshest snow conditions. Features grooves that help compensate for slippage and ice. Rated for extreme weather and designed for use with studs.


May not last as long as more expensive options.

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Year-Round Use
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This tire is built to last and works well in all road conditions.





Goodyear Eagle Touring All-Season Tires, 22
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Simple Yet Solid
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A tire from a trusted brand that works well for year-round use in all weather conditions.


Holds up to 1,700 pounds. Reduces friction and debris buildup thanks to the small slits. The tires keep up to 44 PSI of air without overflow. Ideal for small car owners looking for simple all-year tires.


Some buyers complained of rubber marks on their driveway.

Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire,22英寸
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Trusted Brand
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Features a load capacity of over 5,297 pounds. Keeps trucks and large SUVs stable. The symmetrical tread offers a smooth driving experience. Travelers who go on long road trips appreciate these safe, reliable tires.


Some people are unimpressed by how long they last.

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Until they get a flat, many people don't even think about their vehicle's tires. That could mean when it comes time to buy new ones, tires aren't given the consideration they deserve. But tires are arguably the most important safety feature on your car. They grip the road when you accelerate, while you travel and, more importantly, when you stop. Tires provide traction in inclement weather and let you steer.

The most important thing to remember when you go shopping for tires is that different vehicles and different driving situations require different tires. A large, heavy Toyota Sequoia is going to need tougher tires than a relatively lightweight Honda Civic. Likewise, if it's snowing and you're driving in the mountains, you'll need a different set of tires than you use when traveling a clear, dry and flat highway in the summer.

Tires also come in different sizes. They have to fit the rim and be large enough to keep the car off the ground. But they can't be so large that they affect your vehicle's balance and speed. Additionally, modern cars are anticipating a specific tire size, so if you don't get it right, it could affect things like the speedometer's accuracy and sensors that monitor for cruise control, anti-lock braking and more.


当您了解哪种特征是针对不同道路条件的轮胎需求时,什么尺寸最适合您的汽车以及所有这些不同的缩写和数字实际上意味着什么,您可以自信地购买最佳的汽车轮胎。我们的首选是耐用的米其林飞行员运动4 S夏季轮胎,这不仅适合炎热的天气,而且适合多雨的条件。

Best car tires

米其林飞行员运动4 S夏季轮胎

When it's warm or hot, you need a tire that will maintain its shape as the temperatures rise. A great summer tire gives you increased durability and responsiveness, which is essential for cornering and braking.



库珀Discoverer Snow Claw


这些Cooper Snow Claw轮胎以其固定的螺柱命名,在不良冬季条件下提供了增加的牵引力。他们还拥有雪地凹槽技术,该技术利用被困的雪来创造更大的牵引力,以改善冬季条件下的处理和停止功率。

With a ‎2,679-pound load capacity, these tires are a durable option that's best for winter use on pickup trucks and SUVs.

米其林Pilot Sport All-Season

All-season tires have to do it all — they need to stay pliable for enhanced road-gripping performance when it's cold, yet be able to hold up in high temperatures. The tread design must work whether the roads are clear or covered in snow.


To offer peace of mind, when you purchase these tires through Amazon, you also get a voluntary 30-day return guarantee.

Goodyear Eagle Touring All-Season Tires

If you're looking for a set of general all-purpose, all-season tires, the Eagle from Goodyear is a solid option. These six-ply, radial tires have a 1,700-pound load capacity, which makes them best for smaller vehicles. They have a maximum pressure of 44 PSI, a 22-inch rim width and they feature traction that wraps around the edges of the tires to provide superior grip in all conditions, whether the road is dry, wet or snowy. These Goodyear Eagle tires also feature multiple sipes — small slits in your tires that reduce the buildup of friction heat — to give you more even tread wear.


普利司通轮胎公司,由总理ently winds up on top 10 lists when ranking quality and design. The company brought several firsts to the tire world, including creating the first nylon-cord tire. Bridgestone understands the consumers' needs because it manufactures everything from tiny tires for go-karts to massive tires for earthmovers.


Bfgoodrich Trail-Terrain

Off-road driving creates a specific set of challenges for tires. You need to be able to travel across uneven terrain and maintain traction, even when the ground may be loose, like mud or sand.

BFGoodrich's Trail-Terrain tires are suitable for the road and anything that lies beyond. These tires combine the durability required for both paved and unpaved roads. The locking sipes give you increased traction and stability while offering a longer tread life. The all-season design means you can adventure across any type of terrain, from dry to muddy to snowy, and enjoy the journey with minimal frustrations.

Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli might not be the first name you think of when it comes to consumer tires, but the company has been around for over 150 years. Pirelli's extensive experience in manufacturing tires for motorsports vehicles can also provide exceptional benefits for the everyday car.

The Scorpion is an ultra high-performance, all-season tire that offers above-par traction on all types of surfaces. It performs well on dry, wet and snow-covered roads. The X-sipe grooves offer improved handling and braking, while the quick-view indicators let you know the condition of your tires at a glance. To provide peace of mind, these tires come with a limited mileage promise of 50,000 miles.

Tire technicals and what they mean to you

Types of tires

There are three generally available types of tires:

  • Summer
  • 冬天
  • All-Season (or All-Weather)

Changing tires between summer and winter has long been popular, though a little inconvenient. There are good reasons.

Summer tires are harder and more durable. Winter tires don't get as warm, so the rubber has to be softer to give sufficient grip. Treads are also different to disperse water and cut through snow.


In areas that experience extremes in temperature, changing from summer to winter tires can still be a very good idea. However, in more moderate regions, good quality all-weather tires do an excellent year-round job.


Tire markings explained

侧壁上标记的轮胎代码包含信息。起初它们看起来可能很复杂,但是格式很常见。您会看到P 195/60 R16 88T之类的东西。

  • P means passenger vehicle. On pickups and SUVs, it can be LT for light truck. Other letters apply to trailers and commercial vehicles but aren't found on car tires.
  • 195告诉您毫米的轮胎宽度。
  • 60告诉您纵横比,这是轮胎高度与胎面宽度的比率。50及以下的长宽比被认为是“低调”。这些较短的侧壁/较宽的胎面组合提供了更好的抓地力和更精确的转弯。不利的一面是,它们更容易在坑洼或路缘上进行井喷或车轮损伤 - 吸收影响的橡胶较少。乘车质量通常也更加苛刻。这可能不是城市街道上的问题,但可能是在乡村道路上。
  • R stands for radial.
  • 16告诉您车轮直径为英寸。
  • 88是负载等级(或负载索引)。这是每个轮胎可以携带的最大重量的量度。88等于1,235磅。将其乘以四个,您的轮胎旨在携带不超过4,940磅的汽车。如果您想进一步调查,则可以在线提供图表,但建议坚持标记的内容。
  • T is the speed rating. This indicates the maximum speed the tire is capable of running "under optimal conditions." All kinds of things can affect this — not least the posted speed limit! The T rating is equal to 118 mph. Other common speed ratings include S for 112 mph, H for 130, and V for 149.


Tire performance


Fitting W-rated tires to an ordinary car instead of T-rated ones will only result in a bigger bill.


Tread style

In theory, the best grip is provided by a tire with no tread at all. That's why race cars run on “slicks." That’s not very practical for road use, though. The trick is balancing the right amount of rubber with the right amount of “cuts,” or grooves.

The grooves running around your tire are designed to improve grip in wet conditions by slicing through water. The angled slots, called sipes, push this water sideways, away from the tread. The two combine to create as dry an area as possible between tire and road surface. They also offer better grip in light snow.

Chunkier treads are better at dissipating water — off-road tires are an extreme example — but it's a compromise. The more slots there are, the less rubber is in contact with the road in the dry. On hot days, you want as much rubber on the road as possible.

Complex tread patterns also tend to be noisier. Overly patterned or deep treads don't seem to gain any real advantage in the majority of driving conditions. If you feel you need extra tread depth regularly, you probably live in an area that warrants summer and winter tires, rather than getting one kind to do both jobs.

Tread life


You'll also want to consider how and where you drive most of the time:

  • 您住在一个有很多曲折的山区吗?
  • 您主要在高速公路上旅行吗?
  • Do you do lots of stop-start city driving?


You'll also want to check制造商的保修– it’s always a good guide to their confidence in the product.

How pneumatic tires have evolved

The air-filled, or pneumatic, tire was patented in 1847 by Scotsman Robert William Thompson, but he couldn't make them cheaply enough to be commercially viable. In 1887, John Boyd Dunlop developed a different version with no knowledge of the original. His were successful, and they changed the world.

邓禄普轮胎佤邦s a simple tube made from sheet rubber and was first used on bicycles. Today's car tires might still be air-filled rubber, but they're a vastly different and surprisingly complex product.

More than 200 materials are used in the creation of a modern pneumatic tire. Natural and synthetic rubbers are bonded in a multilayered product that has steel, textiles and a host of different chemicals used in its composition.



  • Size and pressure information for the tires on your vehicle will be in your owner’s manual, but this information is often also conveniently located on a panel on the driver's side door or door frame.
  • Manufacturers choose sizes and tire specifications carefully to give the best all-around performance in a wide variety of conditions. While you might choose a different brand, fitting different sizes or profiles can have a negative impact on overall performance.
  • Never try to save money by replacing an LT tire with a P version, even if all the other details are the same, as they do not have the same structural integrity. Tires that don't have this information are Euro-spec and should be replaced by similar models.
  • Think carefully before changing your wheel or tire sizes. It can affect the handling, fuel consumption and accuracy of your speedometer.



A。It's never a good idea to change a single tire. The other tire on that axle will have a different circumference, upsetting the balance. It will disturb handling and braking because one side of your car will have more grip than the other. It's best to change all four tires at the same time, but at a minimum, change both on the same axle.


Q. Are run-flat tires a good idea?



  • Both handle tread punctures well, but not sidewall damage.
  • You must not continue to drive on them. Most manufacturers tell you they're good for 50 miles, at 50 mph. Then you need to get the puncture fixed or the tire replaced.
  • 他们很昂贵。

这是一个复杂的问题,技术一直在改变。汽车制造商像Run-Flats一样,因为它们可以释放空间 - 不需要第五轮。总的来说,我们的建议是,如果它们是标准配合的,那就是您应该使用的。否则,您可能会发现它们的成本较高。花几美元可以得到一罐轮胎密封剂。添加一个12伏轮胎泵,您将有类似的解决方案,而价格的一小部分。



Prevention is easy. All you need is a good tire gauge and five minutes. Unless you've regularly been driving over rough terrain or done very high mileage, checking them once a month is fine.


A。To some extent, the price you pay will be governed by the size and style of your vehicle. Replacements for a Dodge Ram or Chevy Corvette are always going to be more expensive than those for a Ford Focus or Honda Civic.

Nevertheless, you should find plenty of choices. We've focused on all-season tires because for most people, they offer the best balance between performance and economy. You'll probably pay between $50 and $90 per tire.

虽然毫无疑问你会支付少量的premium for “big brand” tires, there's also an argument that these manufacturers provide excellent value and have built a reputation for supplying a superior product. There's not much rubber connecting your car to the road, so you want it to be the best you can afford.