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Updated July 2023
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Craftsman 16-inch 42 cc Gas Chainsaw
16-inch 42 cc Gas Chainsaw
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This saw's 16-inch bar and 42 cc engine combine to offer the best in both maneuverability and cutting power. An Easy Start ignition and tool-free air filter access makes maintenance easy.


At 16 pounds, this chainsaw is on the heavier side for its size.

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Husqvarna 120 16-inch 38 cc Gas Chainsaw
120 16-inch 38 cc Gas Chainsaw
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Husqvarna's feature-rich chainsaw makes short work of light to medium cutting tasks, according to our expert.


This saw's X-Torq engine reduces harmful fume emissions and increases fuel efficiency. Air Injection Technology expels sawdust before it reaches the air filter and the chainsaw’s LowVib handle cuts down on fatigue-inducing vibrations.


This saw only weighs 13.5 pounds, but lacks the power of our recommended pick.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-inch 55.5 cc Gas Chainsaw
455 Rancher 20-inch 55.5 cc Gas Chainsaw
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一个承包商和表示两边确电锯tious property owners alike.


电锯的3.5 hp,55.5 cc x-torq发动机和20英寸杆非常适合切割厚的树干。Lowvib反振动技术,轻松启动快速发动机更新,侧面安装的张紧系统以及自动连锁油机使操作和维护变得轻而易举。


This chainsaw packs more power and a longer bar than most homeowners need.

Echo CS-590 20-inch 59.8 cc Timber Wolf Chainsaw
CS-590 20-inch 59.8 cc Timber Wolf Chainsaw
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Durable & Rugged
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This addition to Echo's Timber Wolf lineup delivers commercial-grade torque and reliability.


Loaded with power and features, this saw's G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner keeps grime out of its 59.8 cc, 2.91 hp motor. Its 20-inch bar can cut through limbs up to 35 inches in diameter and you can adjust its chain tension without the need of any tools.


Some users report that this saw can be difficult to start.

Poulan Pro 16
Poulan Pro
16" 40cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
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Simple Yet Solid
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Economic fuel consumption for reduced emissions. The ergonomic design and anti-vibration system help combat user fatigue. Onboard storage of the scrench is highly convenient.


It may require a little tweaking to get this machine idling smoothly.

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Buying guide forbest gas chainsaws


Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a quick way to cut firewood or a contractor in need of a tool that can reliably perform a range of cutting tasks every day, you’ll find that the additional power and consistency provided by a gas chainsaw more than make up for the maintenance and fueling considerations they require.

工匠的16英寸42 cc电锯对大多数买家来说是一个绝佳的选择。条形长度足以使经验不足的用户可以使用该工具感到舒适,而42 CC引擎为所有最艰难的商业工作提供了所需的扭矩。SAW的诱人价格,功能和力量使其成为企业和房主都可以选择的选择。

Expert Tip
Do not use chainsaws alone. You want to have a buddy on-site to help you or call for help in case of an emergency.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Gas chainsaws

Craftsman 16-inch 42 cc Gas Chainsaw

This saw has a two-cycle, 42 cc engine that delivers 3.2 horsepower with minimal vibration to prevent hand fatigue and allow for better control. The cushioned handle and weight distribution are specifically engineered for comfort through long periods of use. Craftsman’s Easy Start ignition takes the hassle out of engaging the motor, and its automatic oiler lets you manually adjust the flow of lubrication as needed. This ensures that the chain and bar operate consistently and smoothly, which helps lengthen the saw’s life. You can access the air filter and spark plug without tools, making any on-the-job maintenance a breeze.

Its polymer casing helps reduce the overall weight, but at 15 pounds it’s still one of the heavier tools on our list. With ample power and a bar length of 16 inches, this gas chainsaw is a heavy-duty option.

Husqvarna 120 16-inch 38 cc Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna products are loaded with proprietary features that offer enhanced performance and comfort. This tool includes Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine technology, which reduces harmful fume emissions by up to 60%, with a 20% increase in fuel efficiency. Air Injection Technology expels sawdust before it reaches the filter, greatly reducing the possibility of friction-causing particles wearing down the engine’s moving parts. Finally, the chainsaw’s LowVib feature cuts down on vibrations, lessening hand numbness and letting you work longer without grip fatigue.

这款16英寸的电锯提供的功率比我们的顶级选秀权少,带有38 cc,1.8马力的发动机。这也是一台两循环的机器,但重量为13.5磅。该电锯均提供扭矩和机动性,使其非常适合房主通常在其财产上遇到的中等切割任务。

Ryobi 16英寸37 cc气电锯

这款Ryobi 16英寸锯具有安全功能,其3年的保修突出了该公司对工具可靠性和构建质量的信心。由于安全的T-TIP盾牌,旋转回扣的机会几乎被淘汰了,这使得杆的尽头无法将其埋在您切割的材料中。两循环锯提供37 cc的中距离功率,可以将直径高达28英寸的分支切开。

An inertia-activated brake stops the tool’s chain automatically. The chainsaw also comes with a rugged carrying case that protects it from bumps, dents, spills and debris. Other noteworthy features include an automatic chain oiler, side access to the chain tensioner and anti-vibration technology for improved comfort. It’s one of the lightest options on our list, weighing only 10 pounds.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20英寸55.5cc气电锯

If you need to tackle major cutting jobs or you’re looking for a chainsaw with the strength and durability to perform commercial work, this two-cycle Husqvarna saw is an excellent option. Its 3.5 hp, 55.5 cc X-Torq engine and 20-inch bar make it great for cutting through thick trunks and branches while clearing land.

And all that performance doesn’t result in any compromises, because the chainsaw also has LowVib anti-vibration technology, easy starting for quick engine turnover and an automatic chain oiler. A quick-release air filter lets you install a fresh one in seconds, and its side-mounted tensioning system means you can make fine adjustments on the job. This chainsaw weighs 13.22 pounds.

Echo CS-590 20英寸59.8 CC木材电锯

ECHO says that its Timber Wolf lineup is built specifically for the biggest jobs in the toughest environments. Packed with robust features that make for reliable operation, its G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner ensures that the air entering the motor is free of sawdust and dirt. With a 59.8 cc, 2.91 hp motor and 20-inch bar, this saw is a great choice for commercial users who have to cut through especially thick trees. It can handle branches up to 35 inches in diameter.

You can adjust the chain tension without having to reach for a tool, and, due to the saw’s translucent fuel tank, you can easily check the gas level as you work to prevent sputtering out mid-task. This machine runs on a two-cycle engine and weighs 16.1 pounds.

Poulan Pro 20英寸50cc气电锯

这20英寸,双循环链锯从Poulan报价s premium features at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for property owners on a budget. The brand’s OxyPower engine technology offers increased power delivery, a 20% increase in fuel efficiency and an amazing 70% decrease in harmful emissions. The tool features a powerful 50 cc, 2.8 hp engine and can handle branches up to 40 inches in diameter.

Starting the tool requires 30% less pull force than competing tools, making it easy to get right to cutting. The chainsaw’s purge bulb is thoughtfully recessed into the body of the tool, keeping it well protected from accidental damage or puncture. A combination tool used to maintain and adjust the saw is included and fits discreetly into its rear handle for easy access right where you need it. At 17 pounds, this saw is on the heavier side.

运动员20英寸52 cc气电锯

At only 12 pounds, Sportsman’s 52 cc chainsaw provides easy maneuverability in spite of its 20-inch bar length. It can handle branches up to 35 inches in diameter. A built-in brake stops the saw’s chain from moving in the event of unsafe operation, and anti-vibration handles let you work for extended periods without experiencing fatigue that can lead to accidents.


What to consider when choosing a gas chainsaw

Motor power

Most chainsaw motors are two-cycle (or two-stroke) motors. Instead of having engine oil in a sump (which would add weight and make it cumbersome to carry around), you mix a small amount of two-cycle oil with the gas. Common ratios are 40:1 and 50:1, but you should always check your chainsaw operating manual to be sure.

在气链电动机中,功率由两个数字表示。马力(HP)测量发动机的功率量,而立方厘米(CC)测量发动机的体积和/或尺寸。您不太可能找到30或75立方厘米以上的气电锯。使用30 cc至40 cc发动机的机器通常被视为消费级电锯,这是您用于一般修剪,院子维护和风暴清除的那种机器。这样的电动机通常会产生约1.5至2马力的功率。

If you step up to the 40 to 60 cubic centimeter range, you’ll find gas chainsaws that are often referred to as “ranch” or “farm” chainsaws. Producing somewhere between 2 and 4 horsepower, these tools can handle a heavier workload. Most individuals, even those with substantial properties, would never need anything more powerful than this.

Chainsaws with motors above 60 cubic centimeters can produce anywhere from 4 to 8 horsepower. These are specialist tools for serious professionals. In fact, many are so big that they're only used for tree felling.



The key is to follow the starting procedure as explained in the owner's manual. Many times when people complain of troubles, it's because they tried to start a chainsaw using a method they used years ago — but on a new machine. If you read the manual and follow the instructions carefully, starting a gas chainsaw shouldn’t present any problems.

Chainsaw bar

The blade that the cutting chain runs around is called the bar. Different bar lengths offer different cutting capacities. Therefore, a chainsaw’s bar length gives an indication of its intended use, but it is not a direct correlation.

Using the right technique, a chainsaw with a 12-inch bar is theoretically capable of cutting down a tree nearly 24 inches in diameter. But that isn’t likely in practice. The motor on a 12-inch gas chainsaw just isn't going to provide enough power for that.

The following is a better guide to general chainsaw performance. For chainsaws that overlap these parameters look carefully at why a particular motor/bar combination has been chosen.

12 to 14 inches:This size bar is generally matched to an engine in the 30 to 40 cubic centimeter range. You end up with a tool that's relatively light and easy to manage, a tool that’s perfect for clearing overgrown areas, pruning, lopping and cutting logs. It's capable of felling a modest size tree on occasion, but it isn’t the machine for doing that regularly.

16 to 20 inches:This bar might be paired with a 40 to 60 cubic centimeter motor, though the latter is unusual. While it's easy to think of this kind of chainsaw as “medium” or “average,” there's no way that should be interpreted as derogatory. These are powerful, flexible tools that can do pretty much everything a small chainsaw can do, but they have the capacity to work hard all day if needed.

20 inches and more:这些酒吧可在专业级的电锯中找到,这是长时间重型登录的大型工具。这些汽油驱动的巨人需要高昂的价格和高水平的技能,以充分利用它们。对于大多数人来说,一个20英寸或更大的酒吧只会过度杀伤。


The heaviest component on a gas chainsaw is the engine. More power means more weight. If you’re fairly fit, a heavier chainsaw shouldn’t be a problem, but most people are concerned about user comfort and fatigue, and rightly so. And there's no point in buying a heavy chainsaw if you don't need one.

锯用于轻型和中型工作倾向于魏gh between 12 and 14 pounds, while larger tools with bulkier engines can weigh 16 or more pounds. However, the inclusion of lightweight plastic components, variable bar lengths and advances in engine technology can significantly reduce the heft of power saws. Consider how much weight you’re comfortable working with, and keep in mind that a full tank of fuel will increase it further.


Automatic chain oiler:If the chain isn't lubricated properly, it will overheat and stretch, leading to poor cutting performance and shortened life. An automatic chain oiler is a definite bonus.

Tool-free adjuster:The easier it is to adjust the blade the better. Many chainsaws have a tool-free adjuster that is fast and simple.

链刹车:A chain brake is an excellentsafety featurethat is usually incorporated in a guard for the front handle. Push it forward and it prevents the chain from rotating when the engine is running. Pull it back and the chainsaw works normally.

Blade cover:All gas chainsaws should come with a blade cover. A carrying case is a bonus.

CARB-compliant motor:In certain states, it's illegal to use a gas chainsaw with a motor that isn't CARB-compliant. Check local regulations before buying.

Expert Tip
Avoid mixing oil and gas in a driveway or on concrete as spills of oil and gas will cause stains.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Tips for using a gas chainsaw safely

While chainsaws aren’t the scary tools they're often made out to be, there's obviously an inherent danger in something with the power to rip through trees and branches. Sensible precautions will help keep you safe.

  • Practice good safety procedures.Wear work gloves, ear protection, face shield and sturdyfootwearwhen using a chainsaw. Never operate a chainsaw when you’re tired or unwell. Make sure your body is properly balanced and your footing firm. Always work in front of you; never twist to the side as you work. Never overreach with your chainsaw, and never cut above shoulder height. Keep children and pets out of the work area. And beware of fuel spills that could start a fire.
  • Know how to use your chainsaw.Get comfortable with the machine. Make sure you understand how to turn it off quickly. Start the chainsaw on the ground. On most gas chainsaws, the rear handle is designed so you can put your foot in there to keep it steady. If you've never used a chainsaw before, start on small branches and work your way up. Kickback is the most common problem when sawing. Avoid cutting with the tip of the bar. Never undercut. Never make adjustments to your chainsaw while the engine is running.
  • Maintain your chainsaw.Make sure the chain is properly adjusted and replace it if it’s worn. Check the blade regularly and sharpen it as needed. Poor chainsaw performance is often a result of a badly adjusted or blunt blade. If your chainsaw is smoking or choking, check that the air-intake slots are not blocked by sawdust or debris. Don't be cheap when it comes to replacement blades. A high-quality replacement can be like having a whole new chainsaw.
  • Use the right tool for the job.如果您要做的大部分是林地管理很少需要砍伐的树木,请考虑使用一条小型的,顶部的气电锯。这些非常紧凑的工具具有足够的力量。
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert




Q. How will I know when to sharpen my chainsaw blade?

A.The manufacturer will probably suggest a time frame, in working hours, as a guide for sharpening the blade. But if you don't use your saw often, it's tough to keep track of the number of hours worked. Don't worry. You'll know anyway when the chain fails to cut efficiently or stalls or jams. You'll get fine dust or sludge instead of the sawdust you expect. In extreme cases, the saw will burn the wood where it's rubbing instead of cutting.


A.You can sharpen a blade with a round file specifically designed for the purpose. It might take a bit of practice to get the angle right. Round files cost very little, and for a bit more you can buy a jig that holds the blade and file at the proper angle.

Easier still is a mechanical sharpener. Several models are available. Alternatively, you could find a local garden center or hardware store that offers a sharpening service. They'll do it for you for a few dollars.

Q. Can I buy a replacement chain from a brand other than the manufacturer of my chainsaw?

A.You can purchase a replacement chain from another信誉良好的电锯品牌, but we advise against buying cheap ones if you’re just trying to save some money. You should always buy high-quality chain replacements from reputable makers. They stay sharp longer, last longer and can improve the performance of your chainsaw.

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