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Updated April 2023
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VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
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Educational Smartwatch
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Positively packed with fun and educational features, this smartwatch for kiddies offers unbeatable features for money.


Teaches children to tell time in both analog and digital format. Comes loaded with educational games, and more can be downloaded from the app. Feature-rich design boasts a camera, voice recorder, calculator, calendar, and more.


Camera resolution isn't the best, but being for children, this is forgivable.

Best Bang for the Buck
Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch
Little Tikes
Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch
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This watch has a built-in interactive robot that will bring some personality to its functionality.


Contains many helpful features such as a stopwatch/timer, calendar, and alarm clock. It has 2 cameras for photos and recording videos. Games available include educational, fitness, and arcade options. Has parental controls, more than 50 watch faces, and a pedometer.



XPLORA X5 Play Watch Phone
X5 Play Watch Phone
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Most Comprehensive
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A good alternative to a smartphone, as it is able to make and receive calls and messages.


Has a SOS button that the child can use in an emergency situation, GPS tracking, and a safety zones feature. The settings are set up and controlled by parents or guardians in a separate app. Watch has a built-in camera, a step tracker, and is waterproof. Available in a few different colors.


Some of the customers had issues with the GPS location tracking being inaccurate.

Marvel Spiderman Kids Smartwatch
Spiderman Kids Smartwatch
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Fun Design
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This option is great for any superhero fans with its Spiderman-themed watch face and strap.


Fitted with functions for everyday use, namely an alarm clock, calculator, and timer. Charges via a USB cord that is included with purchase. Has a self-cam, voice recorder, and games for additional fun.


The screen isn’t very durable.

INIUPO Kids Smartwatch
Kids Smartwatch
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Easy to Use
Bottom Line

With the ability to play music and video, this watch provides entertainment in addition to useful operations.


Has the option for an SD memory card to download music, photos, and videos. The alarm clock, flashlight, and calendar, among other functions, are easy for kids to use. Also has customizable backgrounds and up to 17 puzzle games.


Does not contain a headphone jack for listening to music. Some customers noted that it feels flimsy.

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Buying guide forshopping guide for smartwatches for kids

While smartwatches can be helpful to adults for so many reasons, they’re also great accessories for kids.

If you’re thinking about buying a smartwatch for a special child in your life, you may want to consider one that has been specially designed for children.

If you’re struggling to figure out where to begin your search, we invite you to check out our product picks for smartwatches for kids.

No products were donated or given to the company during the review process. This is our policy in order to avoid bias and create the most trustworthy documentation possible.

If you’d like to learn more about smartwatches, please read our helpful buying guide.

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If you buy a kids’ smartwatch for your child with the intention of being able to connect to it from your smartphone, make sure your do your homework first to be sure the two devices are compatible.

The pros and cons of smartwatches for kids

We’ve come to think of smartwatches as an “adult” thing, but let’s face it: some kids want in on the high-tech fun.

Here are some of the pros and cons of giving a child a smartwatch.


  • If the smartwatch has GPS, you may have an easier time locating your child. This could be particularly helpful in the event of an emergency.

  • 如果智能手表与手机(和许多人都可以)同步,则可以根据需要与孩子联系。

  • Smartwatchesmade specifically for kids are designed with kids in mind. They are typically quite durable and able to withstand some rugged wear and/or abuse.


  • A smartwatch is yet another device to which your child would be connected. For people trying to minimize their dependence on technology, a smartwatch could feel like a burden.

  • 孩子可能不喜欢他的贝ng “tracked” via GPS. Furthermore, the GPS on kid’s smartwatches is not always reliable. In general, these are less-costly watches with features that are less sophisticated.

  • The watch could be stolen at school or in another area where the child is unsupervised.

Smartwatch features

The features on kids’ smartwatches can be broken down into two categories: those that are found on a regular adult smartwatch and those that are specific to smartwatches for kids.

You can find the following features on adult smartwatches as well as some (but not all) smartwatches for kids.

  • Bluetooth:This feature allows the watch wearer to connect with other Bluetooth devices.

  • Texting:A child with a text-enabled smartwatch can receive texts from Mom and Dad.

  • Camera:Some smartwatches have forward-facing cameras, meaning kids will have fun taking selfies as well as videos.

  • Fitness/activity tracker:A child wearing a smartwatch with fitness-tracking abilities may be able to tell you how many steps he took at school today.

  • Media player:A smartwatch with a media player delivers the entertainment goods. Music, TV, and movies are all within reach on some smart watches. Notably, this could be a distraction for a child in school.

  • Calendar:Using a built-in smartwatch calendar, a child can track sports practices, homework due dates, and more. Of course, she might still need some reminders from Mom and Dad.

  • GPS:实际上,将GP围绕孩子的手腕有好处是一个很好的好处。但是如上所述,此功能并不总是100%可靠。

  • Emergency information:You can load emergency information onto a smartwatch. This allows the wearer to be identified in case of an emergency.

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For your safety
Check to see that the smartwatch you choose has decent security and encryption. You would not want your child’s personal information to fall into the wrong hands.


Not all kids’ smartwatches will have the following features, but they are certainly nice to have.

  • Fun, educational games:Some watches feature games that help entertain the wearer during downtime.

  • Connection to parents’ phones:Lots of kids’ smartwatches today can be connected to a parent smartphone. Parents appreciate the ability to easily contact the child at any time.

  • Durability:对于所有智能手表的佩戴者来说,这是一个重要的事情,但特别是对于孩子而言。最耐用的孩子的智能手表具有抗刮擦性和防溅性。

  • Fun designs:Smartwatchesfor kids are made with kids in mind. Many can be customized in various ways. For example, you might be able to swap out bands or personalize the screen.

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Perhaps most important of all – at least to the child – is the “cool” factor. Many kids want their own smartwatch simply because it makes them look cool and/or they think it’s cool to own one.


Q. Can kids just wear an adult smartwatch?

A.A child could certainly slip an adult smartwatch, but this brings about a few questions. First of all, will it fit? Many of today’s more adult smartwatches are too big for kids. Second, do you as a parent or guardian want to send your child into the world wearing a highly expensive piece of technology on her wrist? Many parents don’t. A smartwatch made just for kids is a low-risk, viable alternative for kids who really want this technology.

Lastly, asmartwatch for adultsmay not have the same apps or games that a smartwatch for kids does. Check the specs before investing in any type of smartwatch to make sure it has what you want.

Q. Are smartwatches allowed in schools?

A.Some schools allow kids to have smartwatches in class and some don’t. The same is true for smartphones. Some adults worry that in addition to interfering with classroom activities, a smartwatch in the classroom could allow a student to cheat on a test.

Q. How often do smartwatches need to be charged?

A.It all depends on the individual smartwatch and how it’s being used, but keep in mind that the more features a watch has and the more often it’s used, the shorter the battery life will likely be. In general, you can expect a smartwatch charge to last from a few hours to a few days.

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