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Updated July 2023
Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone
Black Ceramic Pizza Stone
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Quick Preheating

This bestseller earns our cooking and baking expert's praise for its quick heating and crusting.


Non-stick surface won't stain from grease or burn the crust. Stone fits in most standard ovens and can be used on grills. This smoke-free design won’t crack. Bonus points for the pizza wheel included in the box.


Instructions aren't clear regarding maintenance or cleaning.

Cuisinart Alfrescamore披萨烧烤石头
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Trusted Brand

An affordable and versatile pizza stone that our expert recommends for a personal pizza or calzone.




Some reports of a strange odor that may fade with use. Some foods tend to stick to it.

Honey-Can-Do Old Stone Oven 16
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This pizza stone is our expert's go-to for its great baking and large size.


Firebrick material provides the same heat retention as traditional pizza ovens. Resists thermal shock, so temperature changes won't result in cracking. Measures 14.5 x 16.5 inches.


Exceptionally heavy; may be too large for some ovens.

CucinaPro Rectangular Pizza Stone
Rectangular Pizza Stone
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Customer Favorite

A much-loved rectangular stone that earns our expert's approval for its good size.


尺寸为16 x 14英寸,厚度为5/8英寸,因此耐用且耐裂纹。用亲级的多孔材料制成,以吸收水分,以模拟正宗的砖烹饪。在烤架上表现出色。自然调味料持续使用。


Very heavy, which could make it challenging to remove from ovens or grills.

Hans Grill Pizza Stone
Hans Grill
Pizza Stone
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Most Versatile

A versatile, high-quality pizza stone that our expert likes for its rectangular shape.


Cooks pizza in as little as 90 seconds on the grill. Heats evenly and thoroughly. Besides pizzas, it’s ideal for pies, pastries, and calzones. Doesn't give off a chemical smell. Comes with a matching wooden pizza peel.


Cleaning is hard, especially with melted-on cheese and olive oil stains.

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Buying guide forBest pizza stones


Sadly, though, we can’t always be near our favorite pizzeria when the mood strikes. That is when we must take to the oven to do it ourselves. Even if you don’t have years of training in Naples or New York’s Lower East Side, it’s fairly easy to replicate a professional pie without a giant wood or coal-burning oven and dough-tossing skills.

By placing a ceramic or stone slab known as a pizza stone on the bottom of the oven, expert cooks and amateur diners can create delicious, evenly baked pizzas with crisp crusts to fill the hearts and stomachs of pizza lovers.

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A pizza stone’s ability to retain and distribute heat helps create bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Why use a pizza stone?

A pizza stone provides a simple, inexpensive way to improve the taste of a fresh or frozen pie. It also somewhat replicates the cooking method used in restaurants.

虽然尺寸较小,但披萨石的作用就像大的地板商业披萨烤箱which radiates heat around the pie while it bakes.

You can use a pizza stone for more than just fresh or frozen pizza prep. A good pizza stone can be used to bake bread, cookies, and muffins. And it’s an ideal platform for defrosting and/or warming up frozen appetizers.

Expert TIp
To prevent your dough from sticking to the surface of your stone, spread a generous layer of corn meal on the stone before placing your dough on it.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert
Don't feel defeated if your first pizza doesn't turn out perfect. It takes a few burnt pies to make the perfect one.


The word “stone” is somewhat of a misnomer. Pizza stones are made from a wide variety of materials, stone and otherwise. These materials tolerate the high heat required to bake pizza without cracking.


A number of consumer-oriented pizza stone packages include racks that can be used to hold the stone after it comes out of the oven.


A pizza stone is often accompanied by a pizza peel, which resembles a flat shovel with a long handle.


You can also use the peel to remove the pie after it has been cooked.

Finding the right pizza stone


Pizza pans are made of various materials: some are natural and others are man-made.

We suggest that you base your choice on the stone’s material, as variances in the material will cause your pizza to cook differently. In addition, some materials are far more durable than others.

  • Lead-free clay是经典的披萨石材材料。它以呈现酥脆的外壳的能力而闻名,但需要长时间的预热时间才能达到温度。

  • Cordierite是一种可以很好地处理极端温度的矿物。对热冲击有抵抗力,它也是用于制作窑炉架子的材料。

  • Stoneware是陶瓷的通用名称。虽然是良好的热量导体,但stoneware却有趋势,即使没有正确的预热,也有破裂的趋势。

  • Ceramic stonedistributes heat well, but it must be carefully preheated in order to avoid cracking.

  • Other materials used for pizza stones include铸铁,热限为400°F,相对较新钢“石头”which are great heat conductors, albeit heavy and expensive.

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Expert Tip
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Consider the size of your oven before choosing a pizza stone. If you plan to use your pizza stone on a grill or ina toaster oven, make sure your pizza stone will fit.

Tips for using a pizza stone


  • If you love kitchen products with multiple functions, select a durable, heat-conducive stone that will also allow you to roast vegetables, finish off the perfect grilled cheese, bake potato chips, and create falafels without deep frying.

  • Preheat your pizza stone by placing it on the lowest rack of a cold oven and waiting at least 30 minutes for it to heat up.

  • Allow your dough to come to room temperature before baking it. Cold dough placed directly on a hot pizza stone may cause the stone to crack from the sudden temperature change.

  • Most pizza stones don’t require seasoning. For the ones that do, wipe the stone with a wet, soap-free cloth. Then, warm the wet stone in the oven on low heat. When it’s dry, apply a light coat of vegetable oil with an old towel. After applying the oil, bake at 400°F for one hour. Leave it in the oven to cool off.

  • Nearly all pizza stones must be washed by hand. However, the use of soap or dishwashing liquid is a no-no, as the stone could acquire a soapy taste.

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Expert Tip
Try making your own pita and naan bread on a stone – it works great as a makeshift tandoori oven.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Pizza stone prices

Under $20


低于$ 50

You can find some great pizza stones hovering around the $50 mark, including products by the popular Dough Joe and Old Stone Oven brands. The Old Stone Oven brand was created by Chicago pizza enthusiast and all-around food expert Pasquale “Pat” Bruno more than 40 years ago.

Under $200



  • Don't let your stone soak in water.Because stone is porous, it will absorb a lot of moisture. With moisture trapped inside, the stone could crack the next time you use it. Instead, clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth after it cools.
  • 使用披萨果安全检查地壳。Open the oven during baking and use the pizza peel to lift up the pie to determine whether the crust is cooked to your satisfaction.
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Q. Can a cracked pizza stone be repaired?

A.While most people would just throw away a cracked stone, an oven-safe epoxy could potentially be used to repair it (depending on how clean the crack is).


A.用户的意见分歧。一些人认为它的鳍e to cut a pizza on the stone while others advise that you should never cut a pizza on the stone, as it could cause the cheese to run all over the stone’s surface. Since washing a stone with soap is a no-no, this could become problematic.