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BLACK+DECKER 40V Max String Trimmer
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Easy to Use
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A lightweight, easy-to-use model that's great for small- to medium-sized yards.


Well-balanced, despite the weight of the battery at the end of the handle. Surprisingly powerful for a battery-powered weed eater. The automatic-feed spool doesn't require bumping to release string.



最好的爆炸for the Buck
绿色工作5.5-Amp Corded String Trimmer
5.5-Amp Corded String Trimmer
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Bargain Pick
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A great, inexpensive pick for average yard and garden weed maintenance.


Weighs less than 10 pounds. Telescopic shaft adjusts to your height. The head pivots, making it easy to use as an edger in addition to a weed eater. Comes with an extra spool and cover in case you lose the original.



WORX 20V PowerShare String Trimmer
20V PowerShare String Trimmer
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Top-notch Maneuverability
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An affordable option that's incredibly lightweight and surprisingly sturdy.


Includes 2 batteries, so you rarely have to worry about unfinished jobs. The push-button spool release is convenient, and it seldom jams. Runs quiet and doesn't vibrate as much as gas models.


每个在电池只持续约20 - 30分钟万博app在哪下载e needing charged.

Husqvarna128LD 17-Inch String Trimmer
128LD 17-Inch String Trimmer
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It starts easily, runs almost vibration-free, and will tear through just about anything that gets in its way. Has semi-auto spool feeding. The translucent fuel tank makes it easy to know when you need to add gas.


Noisier than electric models. Some throttle issues noted.

WORX Edger 20V 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer
Edger 20V 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer
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Affordable & Capable
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In spite of the low price, this model has features often found on pricier models, including a streamlined design, flower guard, and rotating head thatw converts to an edger.


String feed has the tendency to jam. Underpowered for large yards and thick weeds.

最好的Reviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, andtesting为大多数消费者推荐最佳选择的产品。We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own.Read more
最好的Reviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, andtesting为大多数消费者推荐最佳选择的产品。We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own.Read more
最好的Reviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, andtesting为大多数消费者推荐最佳选择的产品。我们以自己的资金购买所有产品,并且从不接受制造商的免费产品。Read more

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Buying guide for最好的weed eaters


There are hundreds of weed eaters available on the consumer market, so how do you tell which one is right for you? It can be tough to sort the wheat from the chaff.

If you’re ready to shop for your weed eater, check out our recommendations in the product list above. For more information on comparing weed eaters and selecting yours, continue on and enjoy our product guide.

Weed eater considerations


Weed eaters are categorized by the type of power they use, namely:

  • Gas
  • Battery
  • Corded electric

For a few weeds in a small yard, a corded electric weed eater should take care of most of your needs. Lightweight and easy to handle, this type of weed eater is meant for occasional use. They also don’t make as much noise as a gas-powered weed eater.

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Luke owned and operated his own lawn and landscaping business for over a decade. Founding the business and growing it prior to an acquisition, Luke led all procurement decisions, from the purchase of blowers and lawn mowers to weed whackers and tillers. Luke uses all of these machines regularly.
Landscaping Professional




A good weed eater should feel balanced and comfortable in your hand. Weight should be evenly distributed from top to bottom, with some machines having a bit more weight at the top.


Lightweight models might only need a top-mounted handle for firm control, but larger, gas-powered machines will require a shoulder harness if you plan to work for extended periods of time.

Purpose and performance

The kind of weed eater you need will, to a large extent, depend on the land area you have, and what you want to do with it. Small yards don’t require the same maintenance as large plots of land. Homeowners with small yards and few weeds would do well to save the money; find a good corded or battery-powered weed eater.


For those with large yards or extensive property, a gas-powered weed eater would be a good choice, as these can quickly cut through tough weeds and brush.

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Did you know?
Most weed eaters emit enough decibels to warrant using ear protection.

Weed eater features



Getting a weed eater started can be half the battle of removing weeds from your yard. A spring-assisted starter makes pulling the cord easier on a gas-powered model. A primer bulb that engages the choke before starting also assists start up.

For all types of weed eaters, a stop button or switch within easy reach lets you quickly stop the motor at any time. It’s not only convenient, but a safety issue as well.

String feed options

The string, or cutting line, can be fed in one of three different ways:

  • Bump feed

Puts out more line when the head of the weed eater is bumped against the ground.

  • Fixed line

A fixed amount of line is fit into the head and must be changed manually when the line gets worn down, which happens frequently.

  • Auto feed

A pre-wound head that automatically feeds line as required.

Shaft and head


Curved shafts are usually easier to handle and are more user-friendly.

Some models have a rotating head that allows them to be used as an edger as well. This can eliminate the need for a second tool, and let you get two jobs done at once.

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Expert Tip
It’s better to use slower speeds when trimming, especially if you are a novice. Slow speeds help you hold your weed eater steady and maintain an even line.

Weed eater prices

为下$ 50,您应该能够找到没有多余的基本电池供电或有绳杂草的食物。对于每年只需要几次除草的小院子,这可能不是一个不好的选择。但是,请注意,此价格范围内的杂草食品无法处理长期使用。电池可能持续不到两个小时,而绳索的杂草食者只能有能力处理草和小杂草。

At$ 50to $100, the choices and quality go up significantly. Lithium-ion batteries power many models in this price range. These weed eaters do a good job on small weeds and small to mid-size yards, but most batteries don’t last longer than 45 to 60 minutes before they need to be recharged. They are not meant for prolonged use.

之间$100 and $200是您可以找到两步的杂草食客/食用器组合的地方。它们将是电池或汽油驱动的。该价格范围内的可靠性和耐用性提高。这些型号可以切成高的杂草和一些刷子。

超过$ 200you can find both two- and four-stroke engines, some professional grade, capable of taking on the toughest of weeds and brush. These heavy duty machines can be run for extended periods of time without overheating or slowing down, except to occasionally replace the string.

Gas-powered weed eaters tend to handle tall weeds and thick brush better than battery or electric weed eaters.

Tips and tricks

  • 使用杂草食客时,请务必穿安全设备 - 护目镜,面具,手套和盖鞋。

  • Whether your weed eater comes with a shoulder harness or an adjustable handle, be sure to fit it to your height before using the machine.

  • Weed eaters can be noisy, and can produce some pretty strong vibrations. Prolonged exposure to such noise and vibrations can cause circulatory damage. It is advised to use them for short blocks of time, with periodic breaks in between.

  • When replacing the trimmer line in a string weed eater, go strictly by what the manual recommends. Avoid any form of substitution, as that might damage the machine or cause accidents.

  • Check your manual for the size line your weed eater requires. Line that is too thin can reduce cutting power, while line that is too thick can damage the motor.

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