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Best pet gifts 2022

这些awesome gifts are perfect for your beloved pet or your favorite pet owner

动物是这个家庭的一部分,所以它是实用and fun to buy presents for them too. The holidays are the perfect time to shop for the pets in your life, but other occasions are great for treating friends with fur, feathers, or fins. What’s more, some gifts are perfect for pet owners who take great care of their pets and love to spoil them.


Best pet tech gifts


Furbo Dog Camera

Users can see and hear their dogs in real-time from anywhere using a智能手机app, so it's the ideal present for a dog parent who's anxious about leaving their canine companion home alone. Since it dispenses treats, it could also make a great gift from you to your dog.Sold byAmazon


iCalmDog 5.0b Bluetooth Speaker

舒缓的音乐有助于缓解犬类焦虑,尤其是当他们的人离开家时。该扬声器发出的音乐是为狗设计的,可以使暴风雨,烟花,分离焦虑等的压力镇定下来。它可以使音乐保持最多24小时的电池寿命。Sold byAmazon


Pooch Selfie The Original Dog Selfie Stick Smartphone Attachment

对与狗一起拍照比狗出现在这些自拍照中的人更感兴趣的人会喜欢接受这只狗selfie stickattachment as a gift. The ball catches dogs' attention, resulting in better selfies.Sold byChewy

For the fussy drinker

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain

If your dog or cat hates drinking water from thebowl, they might prefer drinking from this pet fountain. Cats are especially fussy about water and are often more likely to drink from a moving source than a bowl. This fountain also filters the water, so it doesn't get full of drool or pieces of food.Sold byAmazon


Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

跟踪你的狗很容易追踪that has built-in GPS. The waterproof design of this tracker means that it will monitor your pet even in wet conditions. Since it’s adjustable, it provides a good fit for mostcollars.Sold byAmazonandChewy


  • TheJiobit GPS trackeris the size of a pet tag, which makes it perfect for monitoring the whereabouts of small dogs and cats.
  • 当您让您的宠物不必等待用餐时间WOPET smart pet feederdo the work for you.
  • TheBlink Mini相机虽小,但它使you to check in on your four-legged friend using your smartphone when you can’t be by their side.
  • Some dogs need a little extra training, andPetSafe’s Lite Remote Trainerproves the help you need.
  • AFeliway diffuseremits soothing pheromones by simply plugging it into an electric outlet.
  • For the cat who has everything, an automatic litter box like theWhisker带有内置WiFi的机器人模型是终极礼物。
  • An automatic pet door is perfect for dogs and cats that freely go outdoors.High Tech Pet Productsis a leading brand in the industry.

Best gifts for pet comfort


K&H Gray and Black Self-Warming Pet Pad

这self-warming bed is ideal for your feline friends. It contains a reflective layer that bounces the user's own body heat back at them for additional warmth. This is the perfect present for cats who love to stay cozy.Sold byChewy

To keep your companion warm and toasty in the winter

KOOLTAIL Basic Dog Hoodie

狗会感到舒适,并在其中一条连帽衫中看起来很可爱。它们有六种颜色可供选择,从超小all到超大型大型大多数狗都可以使用。这是犬伴侣感到寒冷的理想选择。Sold byAmazon


Furhaven Self-Warming Pet Blanket

Dogs and cats who love snuggling will adore this cozy pet blanket with a reflective internal layer that reflects pets' body heat back at them for even more warmth. It's a lovely gift for your pets or for a pet owner who wants to keep their soft furnishings free of pet hair.Sold byAmazon

For the outdoorsy cat

K&H Outdoor Heated Cat House

很自然地担心猫在户外度过大部分时间的猫。万博app在哪下载这个室外加热的猫屋将使所有者保证他们的猫可以保持温暖。它有两个出口,因此猫无法被掠食者或其他邻里猫捕获。Sold byChewyandAmazon


Chanasya Shaggy Longfur Faux Fur Throw Blanket

A super plush blanket that makes a great gift for dogs and cats who love to get cozy. You can set it on the floor or on your couch for your pets to lie on. Alternatively, they can snuggle underneath it. It's available in a range of colors and sizes.Sold byAmazon


  • When the weather gets hot, the凉爽的宠物垫将帮助您的狗保持冷静。
  • 骨科狗床,狗的疼痛和疼痛会在放松时舒缓。
  • Small pets like cozy places too. Thisminiature pet bedis the right size for bunnies, hamsters, and more.
  • Most cats like to lounge and hide, and theCity Kitty Cat Cubeprovides space for both popular feline activities.
  • Not only does theMolly Mutt hammockprotect car seats, but it also provides a cozy spot for dogs who love to take car rides.
  • 这个舒适hanging hammock非常适合您最喜欢的羽毛朋友。
  • Your cat doesn’t have to choose between lounging and looking out the window when they own awindow-mountable perch.
  • TheFurhaven pet bedhas cooling gel for optimal comfort.

Best gifts for homeswith pets

For stress-free pet cleanup

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum

Another great gift for pet owners, this robot vacuum takes some of the stress out of cleaning up after furry family members. Without daily vacuuming, it's easy for pet hair and dirt from paws to build up, but not everyone has time for such regular cleaning. The Roomba does it all for you, leaving more free time for pet parents.Sold byAmazon

For better air quality

Levoit Air Purifier

From pet dander to pet odors, the Levoit air purifier works with HEPA filtration to improve the air quality in homes with pets. It features a sleek, modern design that looks great in any room and doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.Sold byAmazon

For pets who like to stay warm

Cozy Pet Warmer Safe Pet Space Heater

If your cat curls up on yourlaptopfor warmth or your dog is usually found in front of a radiator or the stove, they'll love this freestanding pet warmer. It's effectively a low-power heater that produces enough warmth to satisfy your pets but not enough to scald them or cause them to overheat.Sold byChewy

For cleaning hard floors

Hoover Steam Complete Pet Steam Mop

Some pet messes require a powerful cleaning tool like this mop that relies on steam for a complete clean on hard surfaces. It’s also well-stocked with attachments and tools for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.Sold byHome DepotandAmazon

For quick pet cleanups


气味和皮革是拥有宠物的一部分,但Swiffer可以提供帮助。该型号具有坚固的版本,并带有可扩展的手柄来应对具有挑战性的空间。它包括四个注入了Febreze,以消除清洁时消除宠物气味。Sold byHome Depot


  • Apet hair rolleris an excellent tool for quick hair removal from furniture, carpet, and other surfaces around the house. This self-cleaning model is reusable and works without sticky tape.
  • TheBissell的Little Greenis a small but mighty cleaning machine that’s ideal for cleaning messes on carpet and upholstery.
  • 干宠物食品在坚硬,密闭的容器中保持新鲜Vittles Vault. Owners of multiple pets will appreciate that it's stackable with other containers by the brand.
  • pet feeding stationprovides ample space for storing food and stashing other essentials such as leashes, collars, and more.
  • Chances are that cats will spend less time climbing on furniture and more time lounging on their very own猫树.
  • Astylish aquarium展台提供了炫耀一个珍贵的水族馆的理想场所。
  • Every pet owner needs a handheld vacuum like the鲨鱼Ultracyclone Pet Pro+快速清理。

Best pet treat gifts

For canine pearly whites

Whimzees Large Variety Dog Chews Container

这些are great for the dog in your life. Not only do they taste good, but they'll clean your dog's teeth as they chew. You can also buy them in smaller sizes for little dogs.

Sold byChewyandAmazon

For small pets that love sweet treats

Oxbow Simple Rewards Banana Small Animal Treats

Made from nothing but bananas, these sweet treats will excite any small critter. You do need to watch how many you give to your pet in one go because of their naturally high sugar content, but they're all-natural, so there's no need to worry about artificial additives.Sold byChewyandAmazon

For the dog that likes to chew

Nylabone Dura Chew Souper Bacon Dog Bone

喜欢咀嚼的狗会感谢您购买这种坚硬的尼龙。非常适合用不太坚固的幼犬切碎或咬伤自己的幼崽玩具, plus the chewing action can help clean teeth.Sold byChewyandAmazon

For the cat that loves treats


Even the fussiest of felines will do anything for these scrumptious treats made of 100% freeze-dried chicken breast. They're too pricey for everyday feeding, but the perfect treat for a special occasion.Sold byChewyandAmazon

For feline dental health

Greenies Feline Dental Treats

In addition to having flavors that cats love, these treats offer crunchy exteriors that promote dental health. The soft centers further tempt cats to indulge. They are made with wholesome ingredients and don’t contain artificial preservatives or flavors.Sold byPetSmart,Chewy, andAmazon


Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Training a puppy can be challenging, but tasty treats can keep it focused. Not only are these treats soft and chewy, but they are made from quality ingredients that are good for your little best friend.Sold byChewy,Amazon, andPetSmart


  • Dogs can’t resist the tempting flavor ofOld Mother Hubbard peanut butter-flavored treats. Dog owners will appreciate that they are baked and made without by-products or artificial preservatives.
  • Most cats agree thatTemptations cat treatshave a flavor that they love.
  • You can’t go wrong with classicMilk-Bone dog biscuitsfor treating your best friend. In addition to being flavorful, they also have a crunchy consistency that promotes cleaner teeth.
  • If your cat loves猫薄荷, this organic brand is an outstanding choice.
  • 这些迷你牛奶骨狗饼干are the best choice for tiny breeds like Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas.
  • Brine shrimpmakes a nice treat for many types of pet fish.
  • Zuke’s dog treatsare wholesome, natural, and great for reinforcing good behavior during training sessions.
  • 这些bird treatsare made with honey and banana for a flavor that birds love.

Best toys for pets

For your catnip loving friend

Frisco Refillable catnip toy

大多数猫无法获得足够的猫薄荷。幸运的是,这款毛绒玩具是可以重新填充的,并带有足够的猫薄荷,可以享受很多猫。可爱的小动物设计也吸引了猫。Sold byChewy

For the dog who likes to play fetch

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball + Classic Launcher Dog Toy

If your dog is a fan of fetchingballs, you can't beat this ball launcher as a gift. The launcher allows you to throw the ball further than you'd be able to by hand, while the included tennis ball is highly durable.Sold byAmazon


KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

Dogs who are food-motivated or need extra activities for mental stimulation will love this toy. They can knock it with their paws and snouts to get treats out, but it never falls over.Sold byChewyandAmazon


Kong Cuteseas鲸鱼

With its corduroy construction, this plush whale toy lasts longer than some. It's a suitable gift for dogs who make quick work of flimsier plush toys.Sold byChewyandAmazon

For cats that like a variety of toys

Fashion’s Talk Cat Toy Variety Pack

If your cat likes to pounce, bat, and chase toys, this bundle is an excellent choice. It’s a collection of the varieties of toys that entice most cats to play, including balls, mice,猫薄荷packs, and more. You’ll get 20 toys in total.Sold byAmazon


  • A涉水游泳池是一个不错的礼物,供喜欢在炎热的日子里溅在水中的狗。
  • Hamsters can work out their energy by running on ahamster wheel.
  • Active cats will appreciate aninteractive toylike this model that features balls and butterflies to chase.
  • Cats love to scratch, play, and climb, and this多功能刮擦器为这三个活动提供机会。
  • Every dog needs aballfor playtime.
  • Aplush toy对于任何嬉戏的犬,吱吱作响的人等于很多乐趣。
  • 五颜六色的鸟玩具will keep your feathered friend entertained and intrigued.

Best gifts for pet health and grooming

For the dog who needs a little TLC

Honest Paws CBD Oils

诚实的爪子CBD零食和油将被周围最冷的宠物或需要更寒冷的宠物所欣赏。该公司为狗和猫生产产品,尽管您对猫的选择更加有限。它可以帮助解决疼痛,流动性问题和焦虑。Sold byHonest Paws


RestoraPet Supplement

If you're buying for someone with a beloved senior pet, consider RestoraPet as a gift. This powerful blend of antioxidants, EPA/DHA, vitamins, and minerals can help reduce pain and stiffness in older pets, boost energy levels, and support overall well-being. It's suitable for all pets aside from fish and cold-blooded animals.Sold byAmazon

For the pooch who loves to be groomed

KONG Zoom Groom Brush

We love the Zoom Groom as a gift for dogs who enjoy being groomed and fussed over. The flexible rubber bristles massage your dog's skin as you brush. It can also be used wet forbathinganimals, though your canine companion might not like that idea so much.Sold byChewyandAmazon

For the dog owner who wants to keep Fido healthy and happy

Enmark Vet Breed&Health Dog DNA测试


Sold byChewyandAmazon

For cat grooming

Furminator Long Hair Cat Tool

Cats with long fur need extra grooming care from a tool like the Furminator. This model is designed for removing shedding hair and preventing tangles. Cleaning the tool is easy too, thanks to the release button that removes hair so you can continue grooming.Sold byPetsmart,Chewy, andAmazon


  • 这些pet clippersare designed for use on dogs and cats to keep their coats looking their best. The cordless operation makes them versatile and simple to use.
  • It can be challenging to get adequate light to cut pet nails. That’s why we like that theseConair nail clippershave a built-in LED light that illuminates nails while you work.
  • Shedding is a problem for many animals. Thisbrush by Hartztackles the problem with fine bristles that remove loose hair before it has a chance to shed.
  • A宠物美容手套是对其他美容工具敏感或害怕的修饰宠物的必备品。
  • 任何经常再吃宠物的人都会感谢pet dryer.
  • If your dog has an undercoat, apet rakeis a tool that will keep it tangle-free.
  • 许多狗出于多种原因感到焦虑,但是Calming Bitesis a tasty and natural way to manage their stress.
  • 这些宠物诚实joint support chews help keep dogs moving in the right direction. They have a canine-approved flavor too.

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